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Sometimes it’s disheartening as a boy momma.  It seems sometimes as though the only choices in the high street stores are drab, blue, and covered in trains and the like – and new season’s fashion is considered a new Spiderman pose on a T-shirt.  Now, I’m all for superheroes but after purchasing the same set of shoes for two of my boys as first walkers, two years apart, I decided that there had to be more out there – somewhere – and I started looking.
Each fortnight, I’ll be bringing you a new designer, a new small business in our fashion series, To The Nines, that would love your custom and I hope you’ll be as excited about them as I am.
Our first designer and creator is Chelsi DuBay, wild-hearted wife and mommy of two and owner of Alpine Baby Co.
Chelsi sent us some of her unique Hot Cocoa leggings to try – and some little chocolate rocks too – [although I never got to eat one!]  We fell in love with her packaging immediately.
The honesty and transparency displayed by Chelsi in her business practices is rare and refreshing.  She explains her prices and costing to her customers, and welcomes conversation before you buy.  The hot cocoa leggings that she kindly sent us are stitched from organic cotton and handmade from start to finish.  Each piece of clothing is unique and inspired by nature and her adventures in the great outdoors, Montana.
Alpine Baby Co. clothes are created with one objective in mind – to live life to the fullest, to adventure as a family.  Her scuffed knee, muddy face, [and wet sock, if you live in our house] approach to childhood is exactly the wild, carefree ethos I share with her – and her passion is clear in her baby soft, richly coloured fabric designs.  Her creations are original and exclusive – you won’t see a dozen other Etsy sellers displaying her fabrics.
We love everything about these leggings – the uniqueness of the digitally printed [with waterbased inks] fabric designs, the little crosses on the adorable knee pads that provide comfort for little crawlers and curious adventurers whilst simultaneously guaranteeing the longevity of these leggings – every detail is meticulously taken care of…and the label in the back of the leggings is gentle and soft, and not itchy against your little one’s skin.
These truly are handmade with love – and ours will be cherished for a long, long time.

We’re delighted to have worked with Chelsi and wish her every success with Alpine Baby for 2015 and beyond!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm in love! Pinning this just in case a little baby boy ever makes his way into our family 😉 Thank you!

  2. Omg how adorable!!!!! I've always had a hard time finding cute things for friends having nkys and omg these would be perfect!!! If I had a boy I would so buy these for our yearly ski trip since for some reason I think some when I see them lol

  3. It is very different shopping for boys rather than girls! I got excited when I found a pair of red trousers for my son as opposed to his usual blue ones! Nice to see something a bit different.

  4. So super adorable! I want a pair of those hot cocoa pants! I was so frustrated trying to find cute stuff for my boy, but believe me, it has gotten easier in the past 8 years.

  5. Oh totally get where you are coming from, I have an older girl and shopping for her was SO much more fun than for my two much younger boys. Love the trousers, and so delightfully packaged too!

  6. What an adorable idea, leggings seem to be the new thing for babies, they have some of the cutest fabrics ever! I love these, can I get these in adult sizes? Where was all the cute stuff when my other kids were babies, lol.

  7. My baby boy is now 28 and it was always a struggle to find things for him. There would be 8 racks of all the girly things and this lonely little rack of khaki colored stuff for the boys. I made so much of his things, especially the dressy stuff which he now looks at and thinks it was too girly. But, I do have cute pictures. I have a niece with 2 young sons and going to suggest her to check this company out.

  8. I'm a boy mamma and I feel your pain! If you find a designer that makes cute boy things, stick with them. I could always find things after a search, but sometimes it wasn't easy.

  9. What cute little bottoms. I was saying to a friend that clothes have gotten so much better for boys now then they were when my boys were babies. But they still leave room for better.

  10. Oh yeah, I have one great grandson about this age and another grandson about nine months old. These bottoms would fit either one just great. I love to get them cutie clothing and that's definitely what this is. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh Sara-Jayne, I feel your pain on this. It's so hard to find gorgeous boy clothes on the highstreet – although Zara are a winner with me most of the time. I buy my boy leggings and vintage outfits from Etsy but they can be so expensive and I hate the shipping costs. These leggings are adorable, love the theme! Do they wash well? I've had some problems with handmade leggings getting the worst wash wear after just one wash 🙁

  12. Oh what a goregous little one you have! Anything will look great on such a cutie! 😉

    Saying that, the leggings look super cute too & I like the ethos you describe behind it.

    PS- if you are looking for more different kids wear, check out Livie and Luca shoes. They are adorable! (I have no interests, what-so-ever, in the company, just a fan)

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