Fun for children at the hotel: tips and tricks

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Holidays with the entire family are what we dream about all year. Through all the long dark nights, the early starts and the school runs, there’s always that glimmer of hope that in a few short months we’ll be on the beach, making memories together and making the most of the fantastic family hotels we’ve booked. 

But travelling with your kids in tow sometimes doesn’t quite live up to the magical expectations. You have to make sure you pick the right child-friendly hotels to ensure there are no unwanted tantrums by the pool, or sulking teenagers refusing to sit with you in the restaurant. We know each and every family is different, that’s why we’ve worked on this quick guide to help you choose the right hotels in Ibiza for family holidays this year. Take a look at these few simple tips and tricks and follow our golden rules for going on holiday with your kids to ensure everyone has the holiday of a lifetime!

Ibiza with children – our tips

Keeping everyone happy when enjoying Ibiza with children is all about options. Having enough options to keep everyone satisfied, entertained and safe is the key to a successful holiday. You wouldn’t leave your kids at home with no toys, no entertainment and no food – think of the carnage! – so there’s no reason to do it on holiday either. 

When choosing your hotel, make sure to check the amenities and activities available. If your kids are really into sports and being active, a sports-friendly hotel is a must. Similarly, if you have teenagers who will just want to sit on the beach with their headphones firmly in their ears, tapping away at their phones and tablets, then a hotel near the beach with Wi-Fi available should definitely be top of your list. So our number one tip has to be planning.

Finding the perfect child-friendly hotels

Our second tip is to scout out the very best for your family. All you have to do is search for the best family-friendly deals and child-friendly hotels. When you’re searching for the perfect family escape, be sure to check out the surrounding area and resort, not just the hotel itself. While quiet resorts and more rural surroundings are great for couples or adults travelling solo, kids tend to want to be in the heart of the action and in the middle of the busier tourist resorts. That way, they can go off and do their own thing for a few hours (if they’re old enough, of course!) and can meet more of the other kids in the resort to play with. 

Another great trick is to filter any reviews you read by family holidays, that way, you can see what other families thought before you book!

Something for everyone

Ibiza may be the European clubbing capital, but it also offers stunning vistas, spectacular countryside and awe-inspiring coastlines. It’s not too bad a destination for energetic kids either! Child-friendly hotels offer a full range of entertainment programmes and sports activities for children of all ages, from babies right through to teenagers and everyone in between. From kids’ clubs and workshops to pool games and excursions, there’s always enough going on to make sure your little ones never experience the dreaded B-word – boredom!

The best family hotels in Ibiza

With beach-front hotels offering the most amazing sea views, to centrally-located accommodation in the heart of the most popular resorts, we ensure your next holiday to Ibiza with children is the stuff of your dreams. Speak to your kids about what they want in a fun hotel – that’s a great tip to help you make a decision if you’re struggling between a few options yourself!

Ibiza with children has all the ingredients for the family holiday of a lifetime, try it and let us know if/how you’ve enjoyed it!

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