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How to make fun food and fantastic family traditions the easy way – plus a beginner’s guide to capturing beautiful family photographs


We love Disney!

We were married there, honeymooned and holidayed there, we’ve even been on the “Mickey Boat”! We’ve got so much to share if you’re planning your own trip!

Hey! Welcome to Keep Up With the Jones Family – we’re so glad you’re here.

Do you want to create beautiful family memories but don’t know where to start? Are you frustrated that your children spend all of their time on electronics? Tired of not being the creative parent you wanted to be, because you’re exhausted? Me too!

Here on Keep Up With The Jones Family we have it all covered – we test the newest toys and tabletop games to make sure you aren’t wasting your money, we find books your children will love, create sweet crafts and easy fun food to lure them away from Fortnite and Roblox, and we show you ways to create fun family traditions and host parties to celebrate all of the special moments in your family as your children grow – without the unrealistic expectations. We’re making this easy, I promise!

This is the place for families who want to bring everyday magic into their lives, but can’t seem to find the time [and love Disney…we’ve got a lot of that too]!

Tornado Springs Rides

Tornado Springs Rides

Hey, friends! We managed to try nearly every ride in Tornado Springs on our first visit, but we’ll be going back for more soon. Here’s what to expect in the newest area of Paultons Park! There are family rides, thrill rides and playgrounds for the smallest theme park visitors too. You can read about our…



This post is a collaboration with SmobyUK for their New Smoby Teepee Click here for our Toy Review Catalogue to read our reviews before you buy! Hey, friends! Happy Easter holidays. We still have a few days left of our last week before the boys head back to school again [boooo] but at last the sunshine has…



We were sent a copy of Prisma Arena by Hub Games, along with Flip Over Frog and Blank for our review. Click here for our Toy Review Catalogue to read our reviews before you buy! Hey, friends! This week we’ve been playing a few new games – one of which we’ve been especially excited to unbox –…

Hey! I’m sara-jayne

I’m so happy you’re here!

As an exhausted mom to 3 beautiful boys aged 5-11, Keep Up With the Jones Family began as a family blog and turned into my passion.

You see, as an incurably hopeless, wish-upon-a-star daydreamer, when my first baby boy came into my life, I swiftly realised that being the parent you thought you would be, and creating family memories to treasure in the way you imagined before your baby was born [and keeping you awake all night] is a real challenge.  

Childhood is gone in the blink of an eye [except the sleepless nights part, that lasts for decades I think] and I wanted to enjoy every moment I could and make it as fun as possible.

So, after 11 years of parenting, I think I’ve found my feet. I’m sharing not only every way I can think of to make your family life more fun with as little effort as possible, but how to capture those memories beautifully with your camera for when they’ve flown the nest and yet are still bringing their laundry home, and you need to remember that they were adorable and cute once upon a time. So come on over, I’ll put the kettle on, and get the cupcakes out.

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