Floating Boats, Sinking Ships... #7


It's been more than a few weeks since I've managed to get a #FloatingBoats post up, mainly due to the Captain (yes, that's me) having gone down with the ship.  Luckily my husband has thrown me a life preserver.

So, here we are.... back again!  Click here for the Floating Boats link up details.

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Floating Boats

I went shopping, CHILDLESS, and sat, yes, SAT in Starbucks.  It was blissful.  I did get Momma guilt and buy a Disney treat for the littles (see photo below) though.

We're off to CenterParcs for at least the day!  

Our Little Adventurer visited his pre-school and loved it.  

Our corns were finally ready!

The Disney countdown is on!  46 days and counting now.

And.... A final Floating Boat....We've been asked if we'd like to review both Sid and Andy's (of CBeebies fame, legends in our household) live shows!  We're so excited.  You can click either photo below to find out more about the tours and where you can see them too! 

Sinking Ships

I've been diagnosed with chronic pleurisy.  This wasn't so good to hear but at least I know I've not been having heart attacks since I was little.

The Centerparcs holiday will probably only be two days due to our poorly huskies having no-one to care for them.

Jensen has a small UTI.

I have too much to do.

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