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Since my “me” time is more precious than gold dust in rush, I decided in a flash of inspiration (bought on by the fact I was showering in peace) to try to schedule myself more carefully and make time for blogging by setting expectations.  I hate missing deadlines, so this works for me.

Then, this very afternoon, after reading Domestic Goddesque’s Saturday Review, I decided to dedicate a day myself to reviews. Voila, Test Drive Tuesday was born in my mind.

I went even further than that though!  After seeing the multitude of reviews posted on G+ daily, I thought it would also be great to make my weekly post a link up so that hopefully the reviews we work so hard on can get a little more attention!

So, should you have a review that you’d like featured, please take our button, place it anywhere on your blog, and join up below!  The link will appear every Tuesday, and we also have a G+ community too!

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I’ve opened this week early (or late, depending on how you look at it), and it will last until Tuesday, 23rd July when it will be renewed.


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