Blinking Twice...

Sleep deprivation can do many things to a person.  Anxiety, mood swings, sometimes hallucinations....but it can't put toads in potties.  

In the quiet hours of Saturday evening, after two little boys lay slumbering peacefully in the wilting Summer sunshine, and two furry Siberians had sought out the coolest spots to rest, a visitor unknowingly came a calling.

One that must have hip-hopped his way across the wooden floor of the living room and navigated his way into the kitchen where he found a comfortable spot to rest until the potty.

Toads in potties make me blink twice.  Especially at 5 a.m.  Yet they also bring out the biggest smiles (on Little Adventurers who love garden friends) and the natural curiosity (of Baby Dragons who want to be like their big brother) of our household.

"He looks like this!"

After a swim in the paddling pool, he explored his holiday surroundings..

...Even Baby Dragon got to hold the precious creature.


After photos were taken to remember our new friend, we let him go.  Into the corn to return to his family.

Everyone should be with their family.  Happy Summer.
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