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Floating Boats, Sinking Ships #1… The Launch!

Welcome to our first ever link up of Floating Boats and Sinking Ships!  Come and celebrate, vent, laugh or cry.  The details are at the foot of the post.  You can list your boats and ships, or elaborate with photos… Any news is welcome!

What Should I post?
I’ve met so many amazing friends through blogging lately that after our recent post on friendship, it got me thinking…
We all love to share, yet in our daily lives there just isn’t enough time to capture each of these moments in a blogging piece; things that have made us smile, laugh, cry, or get ourselves all tangled up about.  I end up making lists upon lists of things I want to share, but never get around to.
Not being able to keep up with my own goings on makes it even more of an impossibility to catch up or even check in with everyone I’d like, to smile or commiserate with them.  And sometimes I just want to share and celebrate the happy times in my life…or vent a frustration and garner some sympathy.  We’re bloggers; over-sharing is our thing.
So, this link up is for us all to get together and celebrate the good things of the week gone by (Floating Boats) and to sympathise with each other over the not-so-good things that have happened.  You can list them, or be as elaborate as you like.
Why the nautical theme? Well, it’s a follow on from the theme of my friendship post, but we also live a stone’s throw from Southampton (of Titanic fame).
Our Floating Boats and Sinking Ships for the week are accompanied by some of our Instagram photos from this week.

Floating Boats

Our glorious afternoon spent at the beach… Baby Dragon’s first proper time on the sand and in the sea (we discounted Lepe Beach because it’s a stone beach and we never went paddling) and it was just blissful. His sand-encrusted little piggies ran up and down the shoreline with his big brother as if he was born to be a beach baby.

Picnicking, pony-stalking (Baby Dragon got a little teeny bit over-excited encountering the New Forest ponies) and bug hunting in the New Forest today; the forest was pretty deserted and I managed not to get bitten!

Realising there are only three and a half weeks left until the Summer holidays. Woo hoo!

Noticing that there are so many flowers on our peas, beans, and that we have berries which are slowly turning red… Fresh vegetables and fruit are in our new future!

Mint hot chocolate on Friday morning before work.

Sinking Ships

Being double charged by the London hotel I used, leaving me mortified and panic stricken that I was the victim of fraud, as my card was then declined as tried to check out at Zara.

Burning Lyoto with Aloe Vera as I tried to soothe his slightly pink cheeks during nap time.  Who knew you could be allergic to that?!  Thankfully it resolved itself within a couple of hours and Baby Dragon never noticed.

My husband’s miserable hayfever.

Toddlers that will not go to sleep even though they’ve been awake for 14 hours, and teething babies who want to comfort-feed at 2 a.m, 4 a.m and get up at 5 a.m. Bleurgh…

So how’s your week been?  Please join in and share!

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