Yo Bank Holiday Ho, Mateys!

Yo ho ho!  This bank holiday Monday was a Baby Dragon scorchingly hot one, and as his little ears were already more red than Dadda and I would have liked, we opted to stay home and dip in and out of the house into the garden.

Our Little Adventurer was desperate for a picnic, and so Momma suggested a pirate picnic!  Two garden canes, two little tables and some pirate bunting later, and we were enjoying some hearty pirate fare.

There was fruit, mini sausages, salad and sandwiches...

Apparently all pirates wink...

Ahoy there! 

Pirate Peter (Pan) loved his little set up...

Baby Dragon refused to take off his Handy Manny pyjama top whilst he pillaged the picnic table...

Our very own "Melon Monster" set to work, like a pirate piranha.

Chilling out in the garden is what pirates do best..

Time for more melon and some pirate chat with Dadda...

...soon it was pirate happy hour!


Our rag-tag pirate...teething is nasty and upsetting for him.

Of course there was treasure in the sandpit...

 Who knew you could make gold doubloooooons from Jammy Dodgers?!

I'll have another!

Whilst Casanova was far too hot to lie outside, Excalibur ventured out to take his own unique part in the pirate picnic...

Ice lollies are fine and all, but what he really wanted was...

...a dee-ricious (as Jensen would say)...

....fruity cocktail!

We hope your bank holidays were as full of swashbuckling fun as ours! 
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