A Quick Easter Flashback...


This time last year I was so busy with our newborn Baby Dragon and never got around to blogging our Easter photographs.  I'm still in shock a little that this will be our Little Adventurer's FOURTH Easter.

A little trip down memory lane...

{Our 1st Easter as a family of five (furkids included)}
{Jensen's 2nd Easter}
..and last year.

Last year the Easter Bunny was generous and even set up a little table for them.

We spent the morning being amazed that the Bunny had visited, physically following in his footprints, exploring our gifts...

...loving on our Baby Dragon...

...and watching our first Easter movie together (Jensen lasted 45 minutes, a record).

Our Easter Egg Hunt took place a few days later and it was the best Easter ever.  This year I seem to have been caught with my pants down and I'm shocked to realise it's only a week away (gulp). E.B has got a lot of work ahead of him...


  1. What a fantastic Easter it looks like you all had last year - hope it's just as good in 2013 :) x

  2. You guys have amazing easters, all that chocolate and presents !:)


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