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Unforeseen Circumstances….The Party is Off.

So this weekend should have been the boys’ party.  Due to a combination of unforeseen circumstances (that was the phrase my Mum used to write on the letters she gave me to take to school on days when I hadn’t completed my homework, and it always worked to get me off the hook) we decided to cancel it and put the money we would have spent towards our Disney holiday instead.

We’ve already celebrated their birthdays at home, but tomorrow my parents are coming from the Midlands to spend some time with the boys, and deliver some presents from their Mexican holiday, too!

This evening I made a run to ASDA with a grumpy Baby Dragon and now Dadda is in the kitchen, mixing the cake batter (after much debate as to whether a regular cupcake recipe or pound cake would be best) for us to make yet another cake, a joint one this time, for tomorrow when we gather the grandparents together to blow out the candles for our boys one more time as they celebrate their sweet birthdays for the first time together as brothers.

In the morning I’ll be heading out to Waitrose to get the “good” salad, the spicy jalepeno crisps that are Jensen’s favourite, and the ripe peaches and pears that we can’t seem to get at any other local supermarket.  Then I’ll about turn and zip off to the other side of our town to get the birthday balloons whilst my car screams ABS fault at me until I get the sensor fixed on Wednesday.  Whatever, there will always be balloons, party or no party.

In truth I feel terribly bad letting my boys down when they are so young and I know that Jensen was anticipating a party, especially since he had specific ideas about his party this year (Bubble Guppies) and so we’ve gotten a couple of little surprises for him up our sleeves (in a box in the pantry) and we’ll try and make it up to them both with lots of fun this month as Dadda has plenty of holiday left to take  ~ and in October it will all seem worth it when we get off the plane and arrive at the House of Mouse.

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