One Year Check, One Day Early...

With his first breath he took mine away.  Only twelve short months ago I held my tiny bundle of Dragon in my arms and gazed with wonder at his newborn vulnerability, drinking it in, knowing how fleeting and beautiful these moments are in our babies' lives...and it seems like I just blinked.  For here he is.  Gorgeous, mischievous,  serious and curious. 

Weighing in at 23lbs, our baby Dragon is a walking, talking, climbing, husky-loving, brother-hugging, super confident one year old.  We're pretty proud of him.

As Momma was sick, the doctor volunteered for a house visit and a cup of tea.  She arrived and got stuck into some serious play with the boys.

Jensen and Lyoto decided to do some chalk drawing for her.  She was mightily impressed with her portrait.

 When it was time for the weigh-in, Noel and Jensen decided to get on the scales too...

Soon it was time for the doctor to leave, after talking about Mickey Mouse and cloth nappies.  Even though Jensen bid her a cheery goodbye, hoping to see her soon, here's to hoping that we don't, for a very long time (no offence, our lovely doctor).
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