The Christmas Unicorn...


Some months ago, I started reading a truly uplifting and heart warming blog.  Written by Kelle Hampton, a Momma I greatly admire, I clamour each day to check if she has tip-tapped out a new post and my heart does a cheery little leap each time she does.  If I need inspiration, motivation or a just a good, sound, kick in the bottom, I can find it in her blog.  Kelle radiates pure joie de vivre through her words and her family's stories never fail to put the va-va-voom back in my step.  In short, she makes me want to strive to be a better Momma.

Kelle's baby boy is due in February, like my two boys and so Kelle, I wanted you to see this little happy little chap after your unpleasant instagram experience.

Here he is.  A real, bona fide, in-the-fluff Christmas Unicorn. We visit him every year and I finally managed to get him out of my camera.  I can't think of any other reason to post him except for you, and I know he'd be sad to sit unpublished on my hard drive and never show you he really exists.  If you ever come to England, we'll take you to see him yourself :)

My boys, making their Christmas wishes with Mr. Unicorn.

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