Reindeer Food 2012...Rudolph Gets A Sugar High

Continuing to try to catch up with my Christmas backlog, today I found I'd uploaded these photos in readiness for the post and just needed to write it. Hoorah.

The Jones Family Annual Reindeer Food Preparation Station. Last year it was slightly less impressive (it was a bowl, oats and sprinkles) but this year I managed to get my act together, not being nearly 9 months pregnant.

We set the corner of the living room up with the main ingredients and "power sugars".  Breadcrumbs, oats, nuts and fruit with seven amazing aids that could help the reindeer to fly fast, see through the dark (if Rudolph wanted a rest), stay strong, be waterproof, stay warm, be invisible when needed, to tread lightly on rooftops and of course there was a separate magic reindeer power for the sheer ability to fly.

Why three photos of the food station? It's important to remember that it DID look tidy before we started ~ before our floor was transformed into a magical piece of fly paper sugary rink.  See our poor tree?  Lyoto decided that each and every ornament within his adorably keen grasp was destined to have a thorough check up in.  Hence, when Christmas Eve rolled around, our Bruce was somewhat top heavy.

Anyway, back to the food.  Our chef was very excited and checked out each sugar in turn.

Then it was time to get to work...

At this point, with oats, nuts and fruit, the food was a vision of healthy reindeer fodder.

Baby Dragon decided that this was the time to get involved.  And by involved he meant standing on the table and trying to grab and destroy as much as possible ~ with a smile of course, because all of the best super villains have a great smile.

Then it was time for the sugars.  Ohhhh, I need to rethink this for next year.  Two sets of little hands in the sugar? Not good.

Let's just say that if a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, these reindeer will be able to sink half of Boots the Chemist.  Casanova wisely sought refuge under the tree at this point and closed his eyes ~ probably figuring that what he couldn't see, hopefully wouldn't hurt him.

About an hour later, it was time to sprinkle the food outside... Baby Dragon decided that the no-trouser option was best.

It's a serious job, distributing the food. 

It is important to concentrate when you have an bare-cheeked escape to plan.

The face of mischief.

Momma's boys.  I am so beyond blessed.

In the morning it was gone. I guess those reindeer have a sweet tooth after all.

Let's hope they weren't too much of a handful upon their sugar-buzzed return to the North Pole, and if they were, I would say that we're sorry Father Christmas but I'll be honest and just say it's a little tit for tat for the amount of sugary treats my boys get at this time of year ;)  You reap what you sow, oh jolly one.
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  1. This looks like great fun, if a little messy but hey, kids love that! It reminds me of Santa Claus the movie so much, love that film. Your tree is/ was lovely by the way!

  2. haha! This was such a cute family idea! Maybe the extra sugar will super charge those reindeer and get presents delivered extra fast this time of year? ;)

  3. The reindeer food prep station is such a cute idea and what a fun activit for the kids! I know my daughter would have such a blast doing something like this, we might just have to give it a try!

  4. That is just adorable! I love how you made a whole station for the reindeer food construction.

  5. My kids always love leaving a snack out for the reindeer on xmas eve. It's so much fun to make it with them.

  6. What a cute and creative idea! My kids always leave carrots out for the Reindeer. This is great!

  7. Holy crap. With a snack like that for the reindeer, Santa will have all his presents delivered in about an hour! =D

  8. Excellent idea! I'm sharing it with my daughters to use with my two (little) grandsons!

  9. Oh my word lol how cute, have to say dont go for sweets in our house.x

  10. oh my goodness. this is incredible! So incredibly creative & fun!

  11. Your children are adorable!! That litt;e guy certainly looks like he would love to get his tiny hands on everything and anything--while your oldest was very intent on getting the feed correct! The smartest of all--your dog!!

  12. What a creative and super fun activity! I love how you really let the kids get into it!

  13. Sounds like your family have a blast enjoying every moment. That is so cute.

  14. That is a super cute idea & I know my kids would get a kick out of it! Totally doing this on Christmas Eve!

  15. What a great idea! I'm sure my daughter would love to prepare some food for Santa's reindeers. Great photos, your kids are so cute!

  16. That is so adorable! I've never seen this done before. My kids would love this!

  17. This is such an adorable idea for Christmas time indeed. Two adorable little helps and you are making great memories for them Thanks for sharing.

  18. What a fun activity! I love how you set it up. So much fun and lucky Rudolph!

  19. This is just precious! I never would think to leave out nuts and oats too!

  20. What a real cute idea. I love this. I wonder If I have time to do something like that today or tomorrow.

  21. Oh wow, so adorable these kids. I like it when you do some productive stuffs with the kids because you get to teach them and at the same time enjoy doing fun activities.

  22. You have such adorable kids! I love the idea of reindeer food.



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