Keep Up With The Jones Family: Reindeer Food 2012...Rudolph Gets A Sugar High

Reindeer Food 2012...Rudolph Gets A Sugar High

Continuing to try to catch up with my Christmas backlog, today I found I'd uploaded these photos in readiness for the post and just needed to write it. Hoorah.

I'm ill.  I hurt.  I want to curl up in the warm and cuddle a hot water bottle as close to my chest as the pain will allow, but I can't of course; and we also are sadly lacking in a hot water bottle.

Mastitis and conjunctivitis are not fun on any occasion, but when you have two huskies who are intent on running in and out of the house like they're in the Indy500 through our back door which is in our living room, and which permits the iciest of North Pole-like gusts to completely bluster their way into our house and bully the (highly expensive) warm air out in about 20 seconds.

Add to that the fact that huskies coming into your house ALWAYS have muddy feet, and a Baby Dragon who cares not for the climate even if he is in his cloth nappy and sweatshirt as he has his sights set intently on escaping in grand style and things are less fun.

This morning I got a severe telling off from my doctor for not being to see her sooner and had to promise to return tomorrow if the antibiotics have not worked some serious mastitis-relieving magic in the night.  It was highly reminscent of getting a lecture from my parents when I was a hungover teenager.  My head hurt, I had the shakes, I felt broken and I just wanted to nap.  Coupled with the telling off is the miserable feeling that after only one week back at work, I am absent ~ braless and bedbound whilst my (also poorly) toddler and (currently thriving and grinning, and up to some serious acrobatic-themed mischief) baby are at my in-laws. Not the start to the New Year I had hoped for.

Soooo.... I thought that maybe a little cheeriness was in order to combat my misery ~ and here it is.  The Jones Family Annual Reindeer Food Preparation Station. Last year it was slightly less impressive (it was a bowl, oats and sprinkles) but this year I managed to get my act together, not being nearly 9 months pregnant.

We set the corner of the living room up with the main ingredients and "power sugars".  Breadcrumbs, oats, nuts and fruit with seven amazing aids that could help the reindeer to fly fast, see through the dark (if Rudolph wanted a rest), stay strong, be waterproof, stay warm, be invisible when needed, to tread lightly on rooftops and of course there was a separate magic reindeer power for the sheer ability to fly.

Why three photos of the food station? It's important to remember that it DID look tidy before we started ~ before our floor was transformed into a magical piece of fly paper sugary rink.  See our poor tree?  Lyoto decided that each and every ornament within his adorably keen grasp was destined to have a thorough check up in.  Hence, when Christmas Eve rolled around, our Bruce was somewhat top heavy.

Anyway, back to the food.  Our chef was very excited and checked out each sugar in turn.

Then it was time to get to work...

At this point, with oats, nuts and fruit, the food was a vision of healthy reindeer fodder.

Baby Dragon decided that this was the time to get involved.  And by involved he meant standing on the table and trying to grab and destroy as much as possible ~ with a smile of course, because all of the best super villains have a great smile.

Then it was time for the sugars.  Ohhhh, I need to rethink this for next year.  Two sets of little hands in the sugar? Not good.

Let's just say that if a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, these reindeer will be able to sink half of Boots the Chemist.  Casanova wisely sought refuge under the tree at this point and closed his eyes ~ probably figuring that what he couldn't see, hopefully wouldn't hurt him.

About an hour later, it was time to sprinkle the food outside... Baby Dragon decided that the no-trouser option was best.

It's a serious job, distributing the food. 

It is important to concentrate when you have an bare-cheeked escape to plan.

The face of mischief.

Momma's boys.  I am so beyond blessed.

In the morning it was gone. I guess those reindeer have a sweet tooth after all.

Let's hope they weren't too much of a handful upon their sugar-buzzed return to the North Pole, and if they were, I would say that we're sorry Father Christmas but I'll be honest and just say it's a little tit for tat for the amount of sugary treats my boys get at this time of year ;)  You reap what you sow, oh jolly one.

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