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Quite a few months ago I was offered the chance to review a pair of baby shoes by Daisy Roots.  That alone was delightful; when they said I could even pick the pair that I wanted, I was in baby-boy-shoe-heaven.  It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes on their website though; as soon as I landed on the page with the above pair, my jaw dropped.  Dragons.  My Baby Dragon was going to have dragon shoes to review!

It’s fair to say that I have issues with shoes for my boys.  Huge issues.  You cannot imagine how large and ranting my issues can get, unless you too are the Momma of two boys, a momma who loves shoes and sighs in resignation every time she is in the shoe store and has the monstrous brown black, grey “oh look, this one has a dinosaur on the sole selection whilst out of the corner of your eye you can spy beautiful shimmery sparkling, BRIGHTLY  coloured, unique shoes for girls.  It breaks my heart.

Lazy shoe designers (you know who you are!) Boy does not mean boring.  Boys are still shopped for by Mommas.  Women who love to shop.  It dumbfounds me as to why the major children’s shoe companies of the UK do not realise this. I want to spend my money on shoes, I have to spend our money on shoes (and had to recently when Baby Dragon started walking at 8 and a half months), but believe me, I’m looking elsewhere at companies like Daisy Roots who are leaving the mainstream brands in their dust.

So, I digress (and believe me, that digression could last a while) and as my husband is cradling a teething, intermittently vomiting and depositing nasty things in his nappy whilst feeling very sad for himself Baby Dragon in his arms whilst pacing the living room and simultaneously listening out for our fever-riddled (also randomly vomiting) two year old who virtually fell asleep in his dinner at 6pm, I need to keep my issues in check.

Daisy Roots shoes made me feel like there was still a small ray of hope in my vain search for early walking shoes for Baby Dragon. Thankfully that small ray of hope turned into a huge golden beam of sunshine that warmed the icicles from my boys’-shoe-hating-heart when their package arrived.

Daisy Roots have been manufacturing shoes in England since 1995, using chrome free tanned leather which reassures every Momma like me who has a baby with an penchant for sucking his toes in a very adorable yet also horrifying “what is he putting in his mouth and can it poison him before I get it out?” manner that quite literally sampling the merchandise is safe.

As the
nearest alternative to having bare feet, even my doctor was impressed;
their pliable, completely flexible sole means no restriction in
the movement of your child’s foot~ and as we discovered when Baby Dragon
began to take his first steps, they feel like a second skin to your
little one instead of some heavy, clomping shoe with weighted sole that
seems to force them to walk like John Wayne on the moon.  His Daisy Root dragon shoes simply protected his munchable little feet whilst he was causing mischief and becoming mobile.

The ankles are elasticated which enables the shoes to be taken on and
off the foot easily; no more tug of war, no squishing your finger down
the back of the shoe when the back collapses or you lose a sock, and no
losing the shoe when you’re out and about.

The sky-high cuteness factor aside, the shoes are pure quality. The leather is thick and creamy, the
stitching is impeccable;
every attention to detail has been paid a million times over and they are just gorgeous. If
they made them in my size, believe me, I’d be wearing them (the ones with the long haired cow on are my favourite!).  I smile every time I
look at them.  The pride taken by the manufacturers and designers of
these shoes when producing each pair shines through.  It would be an enormous and addictive pleasure to see these shoes mainstream on the high street and I’m quite sure that if I had discovered them when Jensen was a baby, I’d have collected quite a few pairs by now. Of course, I mean way more than a few, but my husband reads our blog and also earns our money, and so I have to say a few.

Daisy Roots, thank you for your beautiful shoes; they have been worn in forests, at garden centres, at the beach whilst crabbing, to the park chasing squirrels and to just plain old show off around Waitrose. I’ve lost count of the compliments we’ve received and comments we’ve overheard from other people whilst wearing them.
Now all I need is for you to create shoes that are fit for constant outdoor use (although these ones held up very well indeed, only a large puddle stopped them on one forest walk) and I then I can shoe shop happily once more and pay for them without grinding my teeth or growling at the sales assistant.  If I could have one other wish it would be for even more themed shoes; Bonfire shoes, candy cane shoes, Christmas trees… Or birthday shoes, dinosaur shaped shoes…. I could go on but my husband has to take this computer back to work (we have no working computer at home currently hence my absence) and I’m pretty sure my shoe wish list could continue into the early hours at least.
In conclusion, our verdict?  Amazing.  Fantastic shoes that once they (so sadly) have grow out of, will have pride of place in your child’s memory box.  The coolest shoes ever, at half the price of a nasty brown pair with one million times the happy factor.  Brilliant.
I received a pair of Daisy Roots shoes
in return for a written review.  However, these are my honest and
unbiased opinions as a Momma who has been searching for beautiful boys
shoes for the past two and a half years.


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    December 9, 2012 at 10:58 PM

    They look good. I have tried shoo shoos, and snugglefeet. Both are great for having lots of variety. I totally agree on the boys front. After three girls, I was kind of spoilt and trying to shop for our boys has been more difficult… lol. Anyways, my query would be, I found shoo shoos went stiff when they got wet, and we (me and babe) did not like his shoes going all hard like. So we bought from Snugglefeet, super cute shoes by the way and I'm not paid to say that, but my little guys do manage to pull them off. How are Daisy Roots shoes when they get wet, and how quick do they come off? 😀 – Lovely blog by the way.

    • Reply
      December 11, 2012 at 10:43 PM

      Hello! Yes, the selection for boys is limited to say the least ~ I had to get the same dull brown pair for my second son that the first one wore two years previous! So depressing 🙁

      Anyway, to answer your question before I go down my ranting road again, they were brilliant. They didn't go hard and cardboard-like as I anticipated, they were very much the same as before. As for coming off, I only lost one once and I think that was probably down to me half pulling it off when I got Baby Dragon out of his car seat. Other than that occasion, they were very secure!

      Thank you for the lovely comment too 🙂

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