New Year, New Chance...


So as our family sits in our living room, our boys entranced by a myriad of toys that were bought by Father Christmas for boys who were firmly seated at the top of the nice list, entertained by the white twinkly lights encircling Bruce the spruce tree, and enveloped in the chestnutty warmth of the season that is rapidly (and sadly) drawing to a close, we teeter on the brink of the new year. 2013.

I realise that it's THAT time again.  Time to make everything new, to try better, try harder, to improve and remodel the sometimes misshapen, often rickety and endlessly changing path of my life.  It's the ultimate "diet Monday" where I strive to identify the areas I want to change in my life and swear that this time, I'll change for good.  I haven't yet.

This year has been an immensely fulfilling one for our (now expanded) family, the highlight being that in February I gave birth naturally to our 9lbs 3ozs second son, our Baby Dragon Lyoto on St. Valentine's Day.  There have been plummeting lows this year also, but our little one's arrival has put everything into perspective and totally eclipsed any sadness that has come our way.  This Christmas, the first for Lyoto who had already been walking for two and a half months and so managed to enjoy the festivities to the fullest extent, was quite simply the best I've experienced as an adult.

So today it's time to take stock.  There are plenty of areas of my life that need attention; some need a little scaffolding, some need a little refurbishment and just a little TLC, and some need complete demolition and the serious help of a highly talented architect in order to rebuild them. Some areas will be demolished for good.  Personal relationships, professional agendas and family goals are on my development list, as well as some very personal issues I need to deal with; ME things that I need to get a firm, honest hold of and fix.

So here's to 2013. Here's to being the best that I can.  Here's to change for the better and to letting go of the emerging from my Christmas chrysalis as a clearly focused butterfly about to stretch her colourful yet delicate wings and celebrate the everyday throughout the next twelve months.  

Let the clock chime loudly. Out with the old, in with the new. 

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