Keep Up With The Jones Family

Make Your Mum Smile With TruPrint!

In two weeks' time the Jones family will be spinning their wheels along the motorway on their way up to the Midlands to spend some very special time with my side of the family.  It's my nephew's birthday, my birthday, my parents' 40th anniversary [also known as mum wants a medal-iversary] and one of my favourite days of the year... Mother's Day.


If you don't hear that song in your head now, you haven't been watching Frozen as much as we have!

We are fast approaching the birthday party weekend...our house is full of Olaf bits and pieces [actual bits and pieces], and then we all managed to catch a miserable bug.


I love interior design.  I daydream of the when I can do beautiful things with my home that won't mean balancing the risk between encountering the kind help of my three little assistants, and the pointless damage to my bank balance should said help occur.

The Jones Family Visit Bluestone National Park Resort [Day 1]

If you're thinking of booking a holiday to Bluestone National Park in Wales, then don't.  

It's always going to be difficult to write a review of a holiday where you've been invited to stay because, hey, it's a holiday - but there would be little point in writing a review with no truth in it.