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Our New Feature - Mug Shot Monday [Open Now]

It's no secret that bloggers love their mugs.  I have about thirty designs, no joke - but they're all in different categories.  There are everyday mugs, visitor mugs, holiday mugs, special occasion and holiday mugs, and mugs THAT NO ONE SHOULD TOUCH.  For Christmas me and the mister bought Wall-E and Eve mugs [because they are us] and I adore them.

Win TWO pairs of tickets to the Baby Show at London Excel!

We're very excited this morning - we just found out that we're going to the Baby Show with Made for Mums!  We haven't been for three years and so it's going to be fantastic to see what's happened in the baby world since we last visited the exhibition! 

Roses Are Red, Our Sweaters Are Too - House of Fraser

Our friends at House of Fraser are back again with a very affordable range of clothing for little ones.  This month we've chosen a gorgeous sweater by Howick Junior at House of Fraser in a deep shade of burgundy, ready for Valentines Day lunch.  We decided to get outside and have a little fun collecting pinecones and climbing gates whilst we looked so smart.


We promised you something sweet, and here they are!  We are absolutely delighted to be able to share with you the delectable creations of Chantal Teal, baker and owner of the Gold Taste award winning Love Brownies in West Yorkshire, England on our first feature of A Li'l Something Sweet.