Keep Up With The Jones Family


Baby Hero's first Valentine's Day, and the biggest birthday month of our year is over.  The party is done.  Usually we feel a little bit like our balloons [deflated, not full of gas] but happily we now have another little life to celebrate in July with Baby Hero's first birthday in Summer.  A Summer birthday!

Hero Hefin Casey Jones.  So what's in a name - or in his name?  I get that email a lot.

Momma Needs To Relax... [The Great Escape, Truro]

Despite getting ridiculously excited over the new Christmas and Hallowe'en scented candles in our local garden centre, I have to confess that I have had my head in the sand - or the candle wax even - when it comes to buying candles for relaxing with at home.

Orange and Lemon White Chocolate Muffins with Dr. Oetker

It's March already!  It's my birthday month, and something delicious is happening!  This month, Dr. Oetker is celebrating all things chocolate, by inspiring people to try something new with it.  Don't worry - it still involves eating it!  We love chocolate - and so we were excited to join in!

Make Your Mum Smile With TruPrint!

In two weeks' time the Jones family will be spinning their wheels along the motorway on their way up to the Midlands to spend some very special time with my side of the family.  It's my nephew's birthday, my birthday, my parents' 40th anniversary [also known as mum wants a medal-iversary] and one of my favourite days of the year... Mother's Day.