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We promised you something sweet, and here they are!  We are absolutely delighted to be able to share with you the delectable creations of Chantal Teal, baker and owner of the Gold Taste award winning Love Brownies in West Yorkshire, England on our first feature of A Li'l Something Sweet.

Wednesday Wild Flowers...

My favourite flowers are the ones you can't buy in the stores.  They're usually presented to me in the palm of a small, mud freckled hand by a scuffed up little boy with a heart melting smile.  Daisies, buttercups - generally with the petals wilting from being grasped so hard on their race back to present them to me - embellished by crunchy leaves with caterpillar nibbles on them.  They're wild, carefree flowers and I treasure them.  They sit on my kitchen windowsill and I smile each time I glance up at them in their little milk bottle display, winking in the sunlight.  

"I know you lub flowies, Momma."  they say.

And I do.  

A Li'l Something Sweet [That's Not On The High Street]

We all have someone special in our lives that we cherish, adore and just want to spoil on special occasions - yet often it's difficult to find a gift that expresses just how much they mean to us, because, well, there's not much inspiration out there on the high street, and Google-hunting the perfect gift takes time if you don't know what you're looking for in the first place.


Since getting back from Bluestone National Park, the boys have been suffering with a severe case of cabin fever...and as patient as I like to think I am, my last nerve is beginning to twang like a string on a rusty banjo.